Amanda Acupuncture provides a variety of healthcare services including: acupuncture, herbal therapy, dietary and nutritional counseling. We at the clinic emphasize a holistic and preventive approach to the relief of pain and suffering. 

Most acupuncturist only employ one theory---TCM's Meridian Theory---to select acupoints when they are performing acupuncture. Amanda employs four kind of theories---TCM's Meridian theory, Acu Neural Blockade Theory, Abdominal Acupuncture Theory and Sinew Therapy Theory---to select acupoints. For each case, she at least adopts two ways to select acupoints, which ensures your treatment result. 

Abdominal Acupuncture Therapy

Abdominal Acupuncture is a specialist style of acupuncture which uses requires the needles to be inserted into the abdomen. It is understood that all parts of the body are reflected on the abdomen and by selecting specific poits diseases relating to either internal organs or the limbs can be treated.

This style of acupuncture has become popular in China over recent years and is now spreading overseas. It only requires a small number of needles to be placed in the abdomen at a very shallow depths, greatly reducing any discomfort patients may experience. This has made it very popular with patients and practitioners alike. 


Acupuncture is performed in a comfortable and relaxed position. The body will be lying flat exposing only the abdomen area.
Procedure is virtually painless. Unlike traditional Acupuncture techniques, this method does not require a strong needle penetration. It is therefore ideal for people who have a psychological fear of needles.
Close proximity of needles to organs gives an almost immediate relief to many disorders.
Safe, natural and reliable treatment method with little side effects.

Sinew Therapy Therapy 

Sinew Therapy is a kind of method for pain treatment by means of acu techniques on the basis of soft-tissue anatomy. 


Safe and reliable. No treatment risk;
Easy to learn and praqctice;
Pains stop at sopt, more faster than taking medication.

Acu Neural Blockade Therapy

Acu Neural Blockade Therapy is a kind of method for pain treatment by means of acu techniques on the basis of euroanatomy theory. It was put forward by Amanda Liu in 2004. 


Having the exact effect in the treatment of pain;
Quick working without complications;
Wide range of indication, some non-allergic rhinitis disease, facial paralysis can be treated;
Having correctly diagnosis the cause of pain and judge prognostic value, especially effective in the treatment for the pain is difficult to make a diagnosis with normal diagnostic method.